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Description of Shared Web Hosting

The low-priced shared web hosting plans from are packed with a broad array of web site building and domain management tools. Being capable of fulfilling the web hosting requirements of both new users and experienced users, all hosting packages include thirty-day money-back and 99.9 percent server uptime guarantees. By default, you will also obtain: an automatic one-click web applications installer; a web-based site building tool; PHP7 support; MySQL and PostgreSQL support; SPF, spam & anti-malware protection for your e-mailboxes and more.

Here's what you will not find with other web hosting companies, yet provided by : an actual cloud hosting environment where the load is divided between a lot of web hosting servers; InnoDB, Memcached and Node.js support; there's a web accelerator (Varnish Cache) as well. Take a glimpse at the table below to find out more about the shared web hosting packages' features.